Are you a caregiver, educator, or parent struggling to cope with your day to day?

You're not alone.

The Problem

Caring for others- as a parent, caregiver, or professional in the helping field - plays a vital role in our community. Many of us spend a large portion of our lives taking care of the people around us. Whether it is at work, with friends or in our homes, our time and energy is involved in meeting the needs of others. One of the most important things you can do for others is make sure that YOU are taken care of.

At Bright Impact, we understand how difficult this is.

How We Help

Parent Advocacy
Motivational Speaking
Project Management

We care for those who care for others by offering a variety of support for self-care and resiliency.


What is Self Care?

Self-care is about meeting our own needs, replenishing ourselves and maintaining balance. While some say that self-care is “by you, for you”, there is no reason that self-care shouldn’t involve the support of others. The important piece is making sure that your health – whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, occupational, financial or another aspect, is being cared for.

The Numbers

Caregivers Working Full Time
Average Caregiver Age
Valued Services of Unpaid Caregivers
Number of Hours Spent Caregiving Each Week

Does this sound like you?

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