Setting Goals – Tips & Pitfalls

Every January, people all over the country make goals for the new year. Sometimes they are new goals, sometimes they are goals that have been made year after year. Help make this year a positive step toward your best self with these tips for setting goals – and avoid the pitfalls that interfere with making […]

5 Ways to Spread Kindness

On November 13th, World Kindness Day reminds us there are many ways to spread some cheer. Kindness does not require money, a college degree, or even a lot of time.  If you make it a part of your daily habits, it does not even require a lot of effort. Here are some tips to get […]

Feeling Safe at School

Earlier this week, we learned that another incident of school violence had been averted. Just north of Atlanta, in the small town of Woodstock, two teens are accused of planning an attack on the school, with a list of targeted staff and students. While for the rest of the world, this is an incident that […]